Granite State FitKids

Granite State FitKids Starts March 2!

Dear Parents,

We will be starting the Granite State FitKids program on March 2! For the next 7 weeks we will be learning about the different parts of the body and how exercise and good food help us to be healthy and strong.                       

Each week we are asking your child to keep track of what they do for exercise or physical movement and to mark it down in their activity journals which they will keep in their desks at school.

Below you will find a short synopsis of the different weeks of the program. Feel free to keep this letter on your refrigerator or family bulletin board so everyone in the house can follow along with the many activities of the program.

Week 1 - March 2: Introduction to FitKids - We meet “Mr. Bones” who will join us each week. We also do some stretching exercises to help us “warm up” for the remaining classes.

Week 2 - March 9: Cardiovascular or “heart” week- We learn about the heart-where it is, what it does and how it works. For hands-on activities, we pass around a “model” heart and follow a blood cell on its path around the body.

Week 3 - March 16: Respiratory or “lung” week - We learn about the lungs-where they are, what they do and how they work. Using pipes, we “create” an airway pathway, find various sites on our body to take our pulse and make a take home model of the lungs using a water bottle, balloons, and plastic tubing.

Week 4 - March 23: This class addresses the many ill effects that smoking, chewing tobacco and vaping can have on our health. We learn that the ingredients found in cigarettes are also used for other purposes and everyone gets to see the “yucky TAR JAR”. Addiction, media advertising, and peer pressure conflicts are discussed.

Week 5 - March 30: Gastro-intestinal or “guts” week - We talk about digestion and how food is changed into energy and waste is formed. Various organ models of the teeth and stomach are passed around for all to see and feel, and we learn what happens to food as it travels along 30 feet of intestines!

Week 6 - April 6: This lesson talks about the many healthy benefits of eating right and good nutrition. With the help of MyPlate, we learn about key nutrients in the various food groups, how to read food labels and why it is important to make better choices about what goes into our bodies. We also have fun with the “Vat of Fat” and “Blubber Blusters”.

Week 7 - April 13: Final class of FitKids - Themes of this session focus on the brain and nerves, muscles, and bones.

“Little Tim” is a great help as we identify different bones of the body.

Dr. Chuck

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